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November 27th, 2017
by Nandini Vaid

The fashion forecast brings  with it waves of change every season but the one fashion essential that has made its way into everyone`s closet and is here to stay is the bralette.  The regular bra is slowly being replaced with this chic, trendy & fashionable item, not just because it’s way more comfortable, but it adds the little extra to your style quotient.

 All girls will agree with me on this, “what should I wear?!” is the most haunting thought each morning, be it casual dressing or going out for an event or just a date. All girls also can’t argue with this; looking forward to wearing that sexy outfit you put together is definitely the most satisfying and exciting feeling. Let me be honest, since bralettes have made their way in to my closet, the struggle of adding that little extra something to my simple outfit has simply diminished.                                                 

The gorgeous Seams Lovely bralettes with their unique designs have made styling so much more fun and detailed, layering your looks is the key to get it right – keeping it chic and classy and not over the top. 


Bringing Sexy Back

The fence back bralette has been quite a fan favorite, there are multiple ways to wear this gorgeous piece. I love the back detailing and the double layered fabric, which makes this piece trendy and fit beautifully, giving you a highly the desired look.

Another top pick from the back-detailing bralettes is the Sunburst.  The strappy back design gives your outfit a flirty yet elegant feel, while still giving the proper support and coverage.

The next bralette, which  sets the bar high for major sexy back-detailing goals is the Gigi. The inverted V strappy back detailing  gives it very hip and trendy feel. As for the lower band, it not only gives great support but adds just a little more detailing to the chic look with its mesh design.


Show Stopper

After some faves with the back detailing, let`s look at some front detailing bralettes!

When in the mood to get your rocker chic look on,  the Lavania adds the glamorous edge that you’re looking for. Personally, I love this piece since it accentuates the right amount of cleavage with the deep V neck, but still covers up enough with the cool strappy design.

Everyone loves the lace up bralette from the popular lace up series, the lesser said about this piece the better, since it totally speaks for itself. It simply glams up any kind of look you are aiming to get with the on-trend detail.

Now, the times when comfort is priority, the Brooklyn bralette is the answer. The side straps peeking from a button down or a pullover is perfect for office dressing, they add the right amount of oomph to a simple outfit while staying work appropriate.


These were some of the closet rulers in the bralette trend!  I’m  sure you can’t wait to get your hands on these gorgeous pieces, so be sure to check out the store list to find the closest boutique to you that carries the Seams Lovely collection. 


Until our next style-file update...Stay Fashionable!


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